Global and local commercial credit risk is a reality and the economic crisis (recession) that the world finds itself in, is a direct result of poor financial and credit risk management.

The economy and most companies in South Africa feel the impact of the recession with declining sales, slow payments that negatively effect cash flow as well as excessive legal fees and an increase in bad debts.

CreditSure Group created solutions and services tailor made to each companies needs using solutions and utilizing the latest technology to ensure proper credit risk management that will result in growth, improvement in cash flow, reduction in bad debts as well as expenses.

Documentation and Pro-active Services

Credit Vetting

Pre-Legal Commercial Debt Recoveries

Legal Services

Documentation and Pro-active Services

  • Revised / New credit documentation.
    • (Credit application, Surety ship, Standard TC’s & CS’s, Etc.)
  • Revised / New credit policies and procedures.
  • Revised / New collection policies and procedures.
  • Training and implementation for all of the above.

Our tailor made Credit Application documentation and Standard Conditions of Agreement complies with the latest Acts. Every clause of the Standard Conditions of Agreement is written from and based on legal precedents as per High and Appeal court matters.

All documentation shall be kept up to date and legally compliant by our Professor GTS Eiselen, a professor in Contractual Law at UNISA as well as a practicing advocate at the Johannesburg Bar.

All documentation is tailor made as well as industry specific to suit each individual Customer’s needs and as per industry specific regulations.

Training will be provided to Customers with respect to the implementation of the documentation as well as credit policies and procedures.

On-line assistance in respect of the above will be provided for the duration of the service agreement.

Credit Vetting

  • Comprehensive Credit Reports.
  • Pro-active Risk Management.

For any business trading on a credit basis, it is key to have a sound and effective credit management and vetting process. The first integral step to the management of same is credit vetting in order to establish the credit worthiness of a customer prior to trading.

With access to all major credit bureaus, CreditSure Group offers best practice solutions for any type of business to obtain a holistic view of customer’s credit worthiness in order to make informed decisions with confidence.

Pre-Legal Commercial Debt Recoveries

  • Commercial Credit collections. (Domestic and international)

CreditSure Group provides users with step-by-step guidance, training and practical aids necessary to effectively deal with all collection matters.

Users are supported from the preliminary steps including placing a debtor in mora and issuing letters of demand until the finalisation of the matters, such as obtaining judgment against debtors, instituting section 65 applications and attaching property for execution.

Additional guidance is provided on how to obtain relief for the recovery of a debt in the least expensive manner possible as well as institute recovery proceedings in both the Magistrate, Regional and High Courts of South Africa.

However, CreditSure Group is able to provide all of the above services and more should the customer require same.

State of the art software can be implemented to provide customers with a transparent insight with respect to the collection procedures and progress.

Legal Services

  • Issue of Summons
  • Judgments Applications
  • Execution Warrants
  • Liquidations
  • Sequestrations
  • Section 65 Financial Enquiries
  • Defended Litigation (Including Trials)

CreditSure Group fully comprehends and understands the fears and frustration usually associated with costly legal action with respect to overdue Commercial debts as well as the recovery thereof.

For this reason we utilize the services of our company attorneys with respect to all of the above mentioned services.

Our attorneys specialize in litigation pertaining to Commercial debt recoveries. Furthermore our attorneys have an established nationwide network of corresponding attorneys to assist with.

The vision and mission of CreditSure Group is to analyse, advise and assist customers with respect to their current debtor’s process, policies and procedures and if necessary, improve and implement the tools and precautions to vastly promote growth, increase cash flow and generate working capital which would positively influence the overall operation and success of a Company.

At Creditsure Group, we see ourselves as a business partner as well as a further extension of commercial business that supports the user’s values, mission and vision statement with total transparency to the users.

We believe our services to be value added solutions that will benefit the users. This will not only give the users of the concept the edge in the industry but will also allow the users to focus on their core business without the burden and concern of financial distress due to bad debt.

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